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The Ways of Tea: Rituals, Hospitality, Traditions

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From Gong-Fu Cha, the Fujian Tea Ceremony, to the making of Southern Sweet Tea right here at home, Camelia sinensis has made its way across the planet and integrated into the beliefs and lifestyles of many different cultures. In this section, over time, we will be elaborating on tea ceremonies and service. We’ll cover the etiquette of English High Tea and the elaborate and purposeful movements of matcha preparation in Japanese tea ceremony. Today, the presentation and rituals of tea have evolved to fit the fast-paced life of the technological age. Some drink it for health and renewal. Some are leaving the side-effects of coffee addiction. Others yet, still slow down to meditate, pray, and drink tea.

Coming Together to Share Ideas

Teach others about your customs! Send us your latest photos or video of a tea ritual from a trip overseas or even to the neighbor’s house. If you can’t attend a tasting, become a CTTea Traveler by sharing your tea story and media on our site. Your story is meaningful and helps introduce us to a corner of the world that we may never have been before. It might even be your family’s own kitchen table!

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