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A First Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Japanese Tea Ceremony

I’ve always enjoyed tea but have never been very involved in the tea “world” so to speak. However, when I was invited by ChaiTownTea to a Japanese tea ceremony, I jumped at the chance to learn more about something in which I delight. When we arrived at Anderson Gardens, who hosted the ceremony, we were greeted with tea and a short explanation of what was to come, with an emphasis on the the need to exercise of all the senses. Rosie, my tea guide, explained to me that the tea was made with roasted brown rice and popcorn, a blend I’d never heard of in a tea but was really quite good!

After the short preface given by Anderson Gardens, the group went from the welcome center to the guest house, as it is too cold to use the regular tea house. The walk to the guest house was one of captivating winter land scenery.

Tea Ceremony at Japanese Garden

At the entrance of the guest house we removed our boots and coats and proceeded to the tea room. Sitting on cushions, we listened as the tea ceremony hostess explained the ceremony and we watched as she prepared the tea. The room was silent as she performed the elaborately simple service, her movements fluid, the atmosphere tranquil.

The hostess’ assistant served the tea to the guests starting by bowing to us, we in return. The hostess explained that the tea is called “Matcha“. I was rather surprised by the color of tea, expecting it to be a dark liquid. It was green! Very green I might add and it tasted wonderful.

When the tea had been drunk and the tea service ceremoniously cleaned, my tea guide and I walked about the guest house and Anderson Garden grounds, enjoying the quiet beauty. As a new CTTea Traveler, and a prior visitor of Anderson Gardens, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

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