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CTTea Traveler Passport

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Once you’ve attended a tasting, you are officially a “CTTea Traveler”. As our guest, you will receive a CTTea Traveler Passport. Organized by tea-drinking culture, this booklet will help you track which teas you’ve sampled and your impressions of the tea. The more teas you try, the more credits you receive, providing you discounts and free gifts. But, your passport is more than just a “rewards card.” This program creates new friendships, opens minds, provides money to those in need, and stimulates conversations that give voice to those who may not have one. What could be better?

Culture Adventures

Each passport culture has a list with suggestions for things to do around Chicago that will help you learn more about the people, explore their foods, or learn about social issues faced by their community either here or abroad. As a Passport holder, we encourage you to visit the locations listed on this page. Share a photo, brochure, or receipt demonstrating that you’ve visited, served or participated in a Culture Adventure and credits are added to your passport!

Coming Together to Share Ideas

Suggest YOUR Culture Adventure to us. Is there an organization doing great work that we need to support? If it fits our F.O.C.U.S., then we’d love to partner with you to make an impact. Perhaps there’s a unique restaurant we just have to try? A new museum exhibit that would be a great way to raise awareness or do some ethnic exploration? Maybe there’s an upcoming concert or performance we should share? When we add your ideas to the CTTea Traveler Passport, you help get the word out and increase traffic to these destinations.

CTTea Traveler of the Quarter

Each quarter, a CTTea Traveler with the most credits will be recognized on our website. To honor this CTTea Traveler, they will choose from a list of charitable organizations that we support for us to donate a percentage of our profits. Publicity via our website, facebook, and twitter accounts will be provided for the organization chosen by the CTTea Traveler of the Quarter.

Hosts Get Exclusive Membership as a CTTea Traveler VIP

When you host a tea event, you will be registered as a CTTea Traveler VIP, providing you access to a discount code for special limited edition tea, gifts and accessories reserved only for members. Bonus: You also receive a 10% discount on all purchases for the quarter and a host gift at the event!

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