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Our Roots


歡迎  ようこそ  Välkomna!  आपका स्वागत है  ברוכים הבאים  Hoşgeldiniz! Karibu! ¡Bienvenido!


All over the globe, tea is the first step of hospitality and friendship.  Together we can sample tastes from around the world, purchase products that give back to the local and global community, and learn about current issues and ancient traditions linked to our trade.

teainjaffa.jpgVision: Our dreams for the future…

As tea is shared in every corner of the world, we envision a world we all can share.

Mission: Why we exist.

Chai Town Tea serves the local businesses of Northern Illinois by providing tea and tea experiences that will transport you!


For-Benefit, For-Profit.

Profitability is essential to support meaningful causes aligned with our mission. Our profits work toward two goals: company growth and provision for charitable organizations.

Ownership, Opportunity.

We hope every customer and employee will call Chai Town Tea their own. We seek camaraderie with our customers and employees by welcoming their ideas and stories.

Through our tea events we generate jobs and collaborate with local small businesses.


From farm to cup, it is our intention to draw people into relationships that foster cooperation, collaboration and good-will.

Uncompromising Integrity.

Strong ethics weigh tremendously on how we select products, manage finances and provide customer service.

Spirit of Fun.

Join the adventure. Laugh with friends. Exlore a new flavor…Slurp loudly.


Business Partnerships

Chai Town Tea is interested in introducing clientele to other small businesses. This reciprocal commerce allows us to highlight the little-known gems in Northern Illinois while introducing our values and high quality products to new customers. For more information about partnering with us through organized tea tours, catered events and web media please contact rosana@chaitowntea.com.

Our Background Story

The adventure that later became Chai Town Tea began in May 2007 when Founder and Owner Rosana Thompson walked into a Persian market in Andersonville, Chicago.  The area was known as one of the most diverse zipcodes in the United States.  As she wandered among the tea and unique collections of pots and brewing supplies, the space captivated her imagination. She thought about the stories, business deals, heartbreaks and make ups, confessions, marriage proposals, laughter and tears that had all been shared through the years – over tea.

The seed had been planted. For the next three years, Rosana brainstormed about how to open a teahouse; a teahouse where all were welcome. The music and aromas foods of different ethnicities and cultures would fill the air.  In 2010, the tea company became a reality.  The colorful tapestry that makes up Chicago’s population had inspired a vision that became the Chai Town Tea family business.

Our Staff


Rosana Thompson

Chief Tea Guide at Chai Town Tea

Rosana founded Chai Town Tea in Chicago, IL in 2010. This year, Chai Town Tea opened a wholesale distribution and blending facility in Loves Park, Illinois. As a restaurant service consultant and gourmet tea seller, Chai Town Tea partners with local small businesses to serve and sell fantastic loose leaf tea and herbs.

We've cupped award-winning teas and selected vendors that specialize in direct trade. From us, you can get the most delicious hand-harvested teas and botanical blends. Our tea and wares are available for purchase on our website or from our partnering retailers and restaurants.

Growing up in California, Rosana’s family shared memorable moments at the kitchen table drinking evening tea. Taking root in the Midwest, her inspiration grew from experiencing Chicago’s kaleidoscope of traditions in tea drinking. Now having sipped thousands of cups of tea with friends from around the world, combined with extensive training from well traveled tea connoisseurs, her knowledge and enthusiasm for tea culture is what she brings to the table.



Lead Tea Guide at Chai Town Tea

On a fine day at the end of winter 2013, Rosana encountered a dynamic, quick-witted, passionate foodie and tea enthusiast while on a tea reconnaisance mission to Cherryvale Mall. After smilingly persuading Rosana to buy $85 worth of flavored tisanes, Steph was invited to join our team.

Not too long after that all her other creativity colored our lives, filling our website with fantastic tea photos, excitement for the arts, and late nights singing karaoke with youtube.

rosiehennamehndi.jpgNote from the Founder:

"Our family has shared many cups of amazing tea and coffee with a broad palette of friends. Over those cups we’ve learned words in different languages, heard music from small villages in far away places, and eaten bare-handed out of one family platter.  Together with our friends from around the world, we’ve shared humor and hardships, hopes and prayers. We hope you will join our community and the next great conversation as a CTTea Traveler."  ~ Rosana Thompson

Wedding Mehndi: Muslim, Christian, & Hindu women. Center: Rosana Thompson, CTT Founder/Owner

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